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AMPLEUR - Premium Phyto Hair Wash 260ml
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Brand from Japan: AMPLEUR. Reset the scalp stiffness. Non-silicone shampoo to wash clean scalp. Organic certified essential oil and GF peptide PB4. While giving vitality to the scalp, with dense foam. Removes dirt and hairstyling materials. Supports healthy hair growth with firmness and elasticity. How to use: Lightly brush before shampoo to lift dirt and dust. Moisten moisture from the skin to the hair with lukewarm water. Take an appropriate amount and whisk well while applying to the whole hair. While moving your finger from the top of the ear to the top of the head, wash the entire scalp evenly until the neckline and hairline, using the 3-5 lines as a guideline. The word shampoo is Hindi, meaning massage. Massage the scalp by moving the scalp while keeping the fingernails in close contact. Rinse thoroughly until there is no null.

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