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4 Hour Couple Package:Traditional Thai Costume ...
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4 Hour Price Rental includes :2 Sets x Chut Thai costume with accessories1 Pax x Professional Makeup & Hairstyling for womanAdd an unique travel experience when in Chiang Mai and explore the city in a traditional thai costume!The traditional Chut Thai is a costume only worn on special occasions such as wedding or temple ceremonies and is not often available to visitors travelling to Chiang Mai. Feel the elegance of the costumes it brings out in you while you explore the city of Chiang Mai. Feel how the ancients felt when they dressed in this traditional costume to visit the temples to offer their prays and offerings. Create memorable or instagrammable moments that you can reminisce each time you look back at your trip to the city. Come visit us at our boutique shop located in the heart of the city and in walking distance to the many key attractions and hip cafes you can visit whilst in Chut Thai!

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