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Private Wellness Gold (3 hours)
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Our staff welcomes you for a moment of relaxation in our private spa!We offer a specialist range of treatments, massages, dietary advice and hairstyling with the exclusive products of Kérastase. All under the same roof: Luxury Spa, Beauty Treatments, Hairdressing, Anti- Ageing and Slimming Treatments. Our " instant spa” treatments are perfect for the busy man and women, Team building, Friends-events, and Quality time... Our private spa is pure indulgence. We propose various arrangements, including fizz and tapas! Why not go for a heavenly duo-massage? Or a body treatment with chocolate in our Sweet Spa-cabin with the most advanced technology for relaxation with your loved one? Or for another treatment with top notch anti-ageing technology or figure correction afterwards? We offer Gift vouchers that are deductible for companies.Visit Leuven and enjoy your Vitala luxury spa!

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